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Why is the US Possibly Banning TikTok?

For the past couple of years, rumors have circled about the possibility of TikTok being banned in the US, and now as the rumors are circling again TikTok users fear what will happen with their beloved app.
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A digital image representing the possible future of TikTok’s presence in the US.

The Senate approved a law on Tuesday evening with a strong bipartisan vote of 79-18, raising the possibility of a nationwide banning of  TikTok, posing a significant challenge to the app’s operations in the United States.

Under the legislation signed into law by President Joe Biden on Wednesday, ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, is required to divest its ownership in the app within a year to maintain its presence in the U.S. However, the Chinese government, which holds authority over any such sale, opposes the idea of a forced divestiture. Without compliance, TikTok would lose access to crucial platforms such as app stores and web hosts, effectively resulting in a ban within the country. The expected legal battles could further prolong this process.


@dailymail President Biden signed the National Security Package into law, providing aid to Israel and Ukraine, while also giving TikTok’s owners 9 months to sell the app to a new company. #biden #trump #tiktok #ban #tiktokban #2024 #breakingnews ♬ original sound – Daily Mail

Senator Mark Warner, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, stressed in a floor speech on Tuesday that the intention behind the law isn’t to stifle free speech or deprive users of a service they enjoy. He acknowledged public skepticism while emphasizing that Congress has access to information that the public hasn’t seen, regarding concerns over TikTok’s connections to China.

Lawmakers have long worried about TikTok’s ties to China, citing potential national security risks. Previous attempts to regulate the app more broadly have been unsuccessful. Officials have repeatedly expressed concerns that TikTok could be exploited by the Chinese government for surveillance or to manipulate U.S. public opinion by controlling content circulation.

Representative Michael McCaul, chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, labeled TikTok as a “spy balloon” in Americans’ phones to CBS News, and accused it of surveilling and exploiting personal information.

TikTok has repeatedly denied allegations of collusion with the Chinese government and criticized lawmakers for what it perceives as an infringement on free speech rights. The company has announced plans to challenge the law in court, arguing that it violates the First Amendment.


@dailymail Replying to @Jordan TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew says ‘we aren’t going anywhere’ after Joe Biden signs a bill to ban TikTok. #joebiden #tiktok #shouzichew #trump #tiktokban #breakingnews #reacts ♬ original sound – Daily Mail

TikTok initiated “Project Texas” in 2022 to address concerns by housing American user data on servers within the U.S. However, Senator Warner argued that this initiative falls short as it leaves TikTok’s algorithm and source code vulnerable to exploitation by the Chinese government.

Senator Rand Paul cautioned, in a recent opinion piece, that the implications of this law extend beyond TikTok, warning that it sets a precedent for government intervention in the sale of other companies. He predicted that the Supreme Court may ultimately deem the law unconstitutional.

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