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Addie Doyle

Addie Doyle, Features Editor

Addie is a junior and first-year staffer on Le Journal. She would love to visit Spain, and her favorite food is chips and queso. When she’s not in the classroom you can find her sipping on an iced caramel latte or listening to Baby Keem. Her unpopular opinion is that she loves pickles, and she’s looking forward to receiving her Sion ring.


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Addies Advice: Burn Out & Finals

Addie’s Advice: Burn Out & Finals

Addie Doyle, Reporter Apr 29, 2024

Regardless of what grade you are in, burnout becomes a serious obstacle for finishing out school and finals strong. It becomes easy to say "I just want to get it over with." In a way, that is a great mentality,...

Addies Advice: College Decisions

Addie’s Advice: College Decisions

Addie Doyle, Reporter Apr 15, 2024

With nearly 6,000 colleges in the US knowing you have to choose just the right one can be extremely daunting. So many aspects come into play and it impacts your future. Here are some things I have learned...

Addie’s Advice: Budgeting

Addie Doyle, Reporter Apr 3, 2024

The first part of budgeting is having money to save. There are so many potential opportunities to make some money even with a crazy high school schedule. You can apply for a job, babysit, or sell clothes...

Addie’s Advice: Gameday

Addie Doyle, Reporter Mar 25, 2024

For me, it's crucial to have a pre-gameday routine. The night before, I pack a filling lunch that won't upset my stomach and put a couple of snacks in my bag just in case; playing on an empty stomach is...

Rating of Popular Aerie Items

Rating of Popular Aerie Items

Addie Doyle, Reporter Feb 27, 2024

The clothing store, Aerie, was started in 2006 in Greensville, South Carolina. The owners, Jerry and Mark Silverman, first started the popular American Eagle Outfitters clothing establishment. This “sister...

Here is a map of 7 Brew locations in the area.

Brewing up the Best

Addie Doyle, Reporter Feb 20, 2024

7 Brew is a coffee chain based in Arkansas that opened in 2017 by Ron Crume. The name comes from the franchise’s humble beginning of only 7 coffee choices. One of the major goals of the business is to...

Chicken wings are a beloved game day tradition, and a flavor filled meal. 
Photo By: Buffalo Wild Wings

Where to Find the Wings

Addie Doyle, Reporter Feb 13, 2024

Wings are not only a great meal, but a game-day necessity. The National Chicken Council predicted that 1.45 billion chicken wings would be eaten by Americans during the 58th Super Bowl that took place...

Cookie Co releases new fun flavors weekly! They make their sweet treats with real eggs, real cane sugar, and real butter. 
Photo By: Cookie Co (Frisco, TX)

The New Cookie Craze in KC: Review of Cookie Co.

Addie Doyle, Reporter Jan 30, 2024

The original Cookie Co. was founded in May 2020 in California, and defied all odds of success during the Covid 19 pandemic. The business was started by married couple Elise and Matt Thomas, and they ensured...

Rakar after finished remodels. The goal was to alter the appearance so the iconic Winsteads features were gone and the new aesthetic of the dumpling house could emerge.
Photo by: Joycs Smith for The Kansas City Star

Restaurant Review on New Rakar Dumpling House KC

Addie Doyle, Reporter Jan 23, 2024

Rakar Dumpling House opened this past summer on 135th Street, or as some may know better, the former Winstead’s location for the Leawood area. Rakar is a locally owned dumpling house that doubles as...


Top Ten 2024 Golden Globe Dresses

Addie Doyle, Reviewer Jan 16, 2024

On January 7, 2024, the 81st Annual Golden Globes were held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.  There were many stunning and chic outfits, but here are 10 that struck my eye. (This review is in no specific...

Holding up their signs, students cheer on their cross country friends who will be competing on November 3.

Crossing the Finish Line

Addie Doyle, Feature Editor Nov 15, 2023

This season, Sion’s cross country team was in the top four in the district out of twenty- five teams. This ranking earned them a place at state where they competed with the top sixteen teams in the district....

Sister Sister As Senior Grace Kiewiet looks at her little sister, freshman Evelyn Kiewiet holds her big sisters sign.

Field Hockey Senior Night

Addie Doyle, Photographer/ Reporter Oct 27, 2023


The Scoop on Skincare Dupes

The Scoop on Skincare Dupes

Addie Doyle, Staffer Sep 19, 2023

Social media platforms are filled with makeup reviews, get-ready-with-me videos, and beauty tips. These shout-outs lead to a boom in popularity for products that are usually on the pricier side. ...

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