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Avery Brundige

Avery Brundige, Print Co-Editor-in-Chief

  • Favorite Movie: Coraline
  • Favorite TV Show: Midnight Gospel
  • Guilty Pleasure: Ben & Jerry's Phish Food
  • Favorite Place in the World: Lincoln Boulevard in San Francisco
  • Favorite Quote: “You have to regard yourself as a cloud, in the flesh, because you see clouds never make mistakes.” -Allen Watts
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Seniors Shannon Karlin, Madeline Hammett, Sharon Kramschuster, Mason Lewis, Maggie McKinney, Sophia Allen, Olivia Shively and Avery Brundige pose for a picture in their uniforms on May. 21.

A Letter To My Freshman Self

Avery Brundige, Print Co-Editor-in-Chief Mar 5, 2021

Dear freshman Avery, To be frank, high school is not like the movies. It’s hard and it can be sad and sometimes it feels never-ending. But trust me when I tell you this, no matter how hard the...

Photo via Jill Toyoshiba, MCT Campus

The (Next) Most Dangerous Game

Avery Brundige, Print Co Editor-in-Chief Jan 23, 2021

The NFL is notorious for racking up concussions each season. In 2019 alone, 224 concussions were diagnosed and recorded, according to the NFL. There is nearly one concussion for each of the 256 games played....

Senior Katelyn Brinkman attempts to escape her guard, Junior Grace Quinn, by dribbling down the lane.

Basketball Wins Rivalry Game

Liv Zender Jan 7, 2021

Senior Katelyn Brinkman drives the ball to the hoop during the varsity basketball game against St. Teresa's Academy on Jan. 5.

Five Festive Holiday Finds

Five Festive Holiday Finds

Avery Brundige, Print Co-Editor-in-Chief Dec 15, 2020

Lomography Reloadable Film Camera  Disposable cameras are SO in right now, but, for a camera that only yields about 25 photos, the cost can add up. If you’re looking for a less expensive, less...

Thrift Flip With Me!

Thrift Flip With Me!

Avery Brundige, Print Co Editor-in-Chief Nov 23, 2020

In-person voting is still an option despite COVID-19.

Don’t Get Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Avery Brundige, Print Co Editor-in-Chief Nov 1, 2020

Intense polarization of political parties is nothing new. The American two-party system first emerged in 1796, with the rivalry between the Democratic-Republican and Federalist parties. These steep divides...

Use seasonal phrases and quotes instead of names at your next holiday dinner party. (Katie Laughridge/TNS)

Seven Spooky Films for the Halloween Season

Avery Brundige, Print Co Editor-in-Chief Oct 6, 2020

As autumn rolls in, dropping temperatures warrant warm blankets, cider and some Halloween movies. Here are seven festive flicks to binge this season. 1. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown We...

A protester holds up her fist in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement during the protest against police brutality at the Country Club Plaza on May 30.

Closing the Curtain on Performative Activism

Avery Brundige, Print Co-Editor-in-Chief Sep 16, 2020

On the morning of Tuesday, June 2, the world awoke to a social media storm of black squares. These posts, mostly captioned #blackouttuesday, also began to flood the #blacklivesmatter hashtag, effectively...

KALOS Experience founder Julia Harkleroad takes a breath between stretches during the KALOS for Teens Zoom call Friday, May 1.

Breaking a Virtual Sweat

Avery Brundige, Features Editor May 4, 2020

KALOS Experience founder Julia Harkleroad, at the request of Social Studies Department Chair Jennifer Brown-Howerton, hosted an at-home workout via Zoom Friday, May 1 for students and staff. Nearly...

Sophomore Grace Beelman proudly displays her Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute letter March 4.

Writing Our Future

Avery Brundige, Features Editor Apr 8, 2020

Exhausted from track practice, she opened her laptop. A notification caught her eye. An email from the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute sat in her inbox awaiting her click. The selections had...

Some arriving travelers at the Orlando International Airport wear masks Thursday, March 12.

Navigating the Pandemic

Avery Brundige, Features Editor Mar 16, 2020

As spring break dawns on students across America, questions of health and safety regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 arise: is traveling really worth the risk? Many dismiss the severity of the disease,...

Juniors Sophie Henkle and Caroline Giocondo laugh as they cheer on the varsity basketball team during their game against St. Teresas Academy Feb. 27.

Hoop Heaven

Avery Brundige, Features Editor Feb 29, 2020

The basketball team defeated St. Teresa’s Academy 53-42 in the Irish Cup after a sequence of game day festivities Feb. 27. The day consisted of a pep rally, tailgate and senior night celebrations...

Junior Mattie Mills delivers her lines during auditions for the annual spring play after school in the music room Feb. 4. This years play will be a 1920s-jazz interpretation of William Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream.

And Action: Students Audition for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Avery Brundige, Features Editor Feb 5, 2020

After the curtains close on the musical, the theater department hosted audtions for the spring play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” after school in the music room Feb. 4.  The production of...

Sophomore Sabrina Ross, Freshman Reece Howard and Sophomore Addison Diaz

Meet the New Faces

Avery Brundige, Features Editor Jan 18, 2020

Q : What brought you to Sion? Diaz: I just quit ballet, which is what I’ve been doing for the past six years all day, every day. Ross: I really loved how small the school was. It wasn’t such...

Coffee Talk: Episode 3

Madeline Hammett, Copy Editor Jan 7, 2020

Sophomores Abby Thornhill and Tess Tappan dance with each other at Winter Formal Dec 7.

#Throwback: Winter Formal Photo Gallery

Kate Conway, Reporter Jan 13, 2020

Sophomores Abby Thornhill and Tess Tappan dance with each other at Winter Formal Dec 7.

As the cheer team chants, freshman Paige Castillo waves the school flag for all to see during the pep assembly Friday, Nov. 22.

Winter Pep Assembly: Photo Gallery

Avery Brundige, Features Editor Dec 2, 2019

Sophomore forward Marie Messerli passes the ball upfield during the varsity game at Sion Oct. 19. Varsity won 1-0.

Stormy Second Half

Avery Brundige, Features Editor Oct 21, 2019

As the rain clouds dissipated and the teams reassembled on the field for the second half, coach Gwyn Savage’s halftime pep talk set the players in motion. Although it was a close game, the varsity...

Junior Sharon Kramschuster winds up to bat in the top of the third inning during the game at St. Teresas Academy Sept. 18. Varsity lost 10-0.

Softball Varsity Loses Rival Game to STA

Avery Brundige, Features Editor Sep 19, 2019

Softball lost to St. Teresa’s Academy 10-0 in the bottom of the fifth inning at STA Sept. 18. “Our schools are rivals, but if we let that get to our heads too much, we aren't going to feel as confident...

As Sock it to Poverty kicks off, french teacher Liz Bono was among the first to set out collection bins.

Sock it to Poverty Kicks Off

Avery Brundige, Features Editor Aug 27, 2019

Students are encouraged to bring in new socks and underwear for the annual Sock it to Poverty drive for Redemptorist Social Services beginning Aug. 26. “I am just excited to get to help people while...

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