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Kate McCarthy

Kate McCarthy, Print Co-Editor in Chief

Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect

Celebrity Idol: Emma Watson

Biggest Pet Peeve: The sound of chalk rubbing together

Favorite Music Artist: Lizzo

Favorite Quote: "Do anything, but let it produce joy" -Walt Whitman

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Online school, Check!

Online school, Check!

Kate McCarthy, Co Editor-in-Chief Jan 16, 2022

Online school: long, boring, and hard to be engaged in. At this point, we’ve all grappled with the challenges that come with zoom screens and virtual classrooms. Most of the time, it’s not fun. You...

Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

Pink Tax: The Cost of Being A Woman

Kate McCarthy, Co Editor-in-Chief Nov 2, 2021

In an attempt to, yet again, cheat the female population of their equality, retail stores around the nation have been found to charge more for products targeted towards women. Ultimately, a scam to gain...

Seniors Maddie Haukap, Taylor Crouch, and Kate McCarthy pose for a signature photo at the gym entrance during the senior tailgate.

First Quarter Flash

Kate McCarthy, Co Editor-in-Chief Oct 12, 2021

First Quarter Flash To say that the first quarter has gone by in a flash is an understatement. Between field hockey trips, deep dive week, the chaos of life, and many activities coming back to the community...

Tulsa Takeover – Field hockey vlog (part 2!!)

Kate McCarthy, Print Co-Editor-in-Chief Sep 20, 2021

Tackling Finals Test Prep

Tackling Finals Test Prep

Kate McCarthy, News and Sports Editor May 10, 2021

We all know finals week, especially during second semester, is one of the most stressful experiences any high schooler will undergo. The combination of ramped up work paired with the glimpse of the summer...

The varsity field hockey teams achieves a win in their St. Louis tournament in 2019.

Excited for the Year to Come

Kate McCarthy Apr 16, 2021

In the past, the future has always been unknown, but nothing compares to the feeling of “unknown” then the current pandemic filled, upside - down world that we currently live in. Honestly, I have no...

Freshman Jane Lehmann kicks the ball up the field to her teammates March 23.

Soccer Triumphs in the First Game of the Season

Kate McCarthy, News and Sports Editor Mar 25, 2021

After a steadily tied game, the varsity soccer team narrowly beat Pembroke Hill High School on March 23.  The game started at 4:45 P.M. with the team lining up on the field in their all-grey uniforms,...

Dance team coach Marion Gould, known as G, was a part of the original vaccine trials for polio when she was young.

Polio Pioneer

Kate McCarthy, News and Sports Editor Feb 5, 2021

Twenty-eight. This is the number of effective vaccines people have created in human history. This number is astonishing and terrifying considering the fact that, according to National Geographic, our planet...

Senior Anna McQueeny makes drafts for the new Sion TikTok in the school halls during club time.

New Student-Led Social Media Stays with the Times

Kate McCarthy, Copy Editor Oct 29, 2020

A new school-run social media account, a TikTok, was created as another social media platform to share information about the community and get a look into the life of students. Director of Marketing...

Student Leaders Create New Clubs

Student Leaders Create New Clubs

Kate McCarthy, Copy Editor Sep 17, 2020

Five new clubs have been added onto the schedule this year. These clubs include the True Crime club, Controversies, Conspiracy Theories, and Current Events club, Student Alumni club, Ukulele club, and...

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