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Twinning at Life

Sophie and Isabel Heidelmann have gone to school together as long as they can remember. They are best friends and built-in homework buddies at school.
PHOTO | Sophie and Isabel Heidelmann
Sophie and Isabel Heidelmann pose in front of the set for Sion’s 2024 Spring play The Twilight Zone.

Juniors Sophie Heidelmann and Isabel Heidelmann have been going to school together their whole lives. As twins, they have had a unique school experience together.

“I love going to school with Isabel,” Sophie said. “I always have someone to walk with in the halls, someone to eat at lunch with and someone who won’t judge me for being silly.”

Sophie and Isabel spend the majority of their days together, with lots of overlapping classes. They often end up doing their homework together.

“I always have someone to talk to and help me with my homework,” Isabel said.

Since the two are together so often and look somewhat similar, teachers and classmates can have trouble telling them apart.

“Teachers call me Sophie when they haven’t even had her as a student before,” Isabel said.

Due to their many shared classes, the two also end up studying together, which has led to them having coincidentally similar essays on tests.

“Izzy and I often write essays on the same subjects because we study with each other,” Sophie said. “Once an English teacher thought we were cheating because we wrote an essay on the exact same topic with the same evidence. I guess it’s just twin telepathy.”

This year, the twins have spent even more time together, with more classes together than usual.

“This year we have 6 out of 7 classes together so we get to spend a lot of time with each other,” Sophie said. “At the beginning it was sort of annoying, but now I really enjoy sitting with her.”

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Amelia Bedell, A&E Editor
Amelia is a first-year staffer on Le Journal. When she is not at school you can find her at home enjoying “The Bachelorette,” snacking on chocolate or sleeping. She would rather have a staycation than a vacation, but if she was to go somewhere she would go to a show at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Her biggest pet peeve is people walking slowly in the hallway and pickles contaminating her food.  

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