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Junior Brooke Petro has won her age group in the Braille Institute’s Braille Challenge seven times, and gotten second twice at the national level.
PHOTO | Jodi Fortino KCUR

Junior Brooke Petro is the seven-time winner of her age group in the Braille Institute’s Braille Challenge. The challenge has an age range from grades 1-12. Petro has won first place in her age group seven times and second place twice at the national level over her years of competing. 

“I first heard about the Braille Challenge from one of my blind friends who had taken it before,” Petro said. “The first time I competed in one was when I was in first grade, and I’ve done it every year since.” 

Braille Challenge is the only competition of its kind, and it is held from January to March each year for blind or visually impaired students. The Braille Institute created the challenge to drive young students to practice their braille skills. 

“I think Braille Challenge has helped raise awareness about the capabilities of blind students by giving us a place to show off our talents,” Petro said. 

Braille Challenge often gives them a space to showcase their talents, while practicing their braille skills.  

“We’re able to show our abilities in a competition, which many of us can’t do because participating in sports, for example, is more difficult for us,” Petro said. “Braille Challenge also gives us a place to socialize and connect with others in the blind community without judgment.” 

The 2024 Braille Challenge Finalists will be announced in early May, and the Finals will be held from June 21-23 in Los Angeles, California. 

“I hope that events like Braille Challenge will show sighted people that just because we need extra accommodations, we’re just as smart and capable as everyone else.” Petro said.

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Bridget Bendorf
Bridget Bendorf, Social Media Intern
Junior Bridget Bendorf is a first-year staffer. Her favorite TV show is Modern Family and her favorite movie is Mean Girls. Her favorite colors are blue, pink, and orange, and her guilty pleasure is buying random things from Target. Her top celebrity crushes are Milo Manheim, Drew Starkey, and Jesse Williams. Her biggest pet peeve is repetitive noises and people who don't use their turn signals. Her favorite artists are Taylor Swift, Noah Kahan, and Mac Demarco. Her favorite Sion tradition is the Junior Ring Ceremony.  

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